Our Specials


Let's start with some…

From classic nachos as a starter, through the original onion loaf, up to everyone's favourite chicken wings.
Find all your favourite appetizers and salads collected at one single menu.

The Meatpacker's Mains

It's all about the Steaks! The taste of quality beef in our favourite preparation methods – on the lava stone grill – it's something a real meal lover wouldn't resist. But not only out steak specials are juicy and inviting. The Meatpacker's burgers patties combine fresh veggies and 100% beef, sesamme bread or our crusty, darker alternative. We swear, it can't be more delicious.

The cherry on the cake

Of course, we have more of what makes you happy. Try the perfect round off – our traditional New York Cheese Cakes, Chocolate or Carrot Cakes.